Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have access to building my website?

Yes, All of our clients will have access to their wordpress website.

Can you build the website for me?

Yes, we also offer web design services. 

What are the prices for your hosting service?

We offer a monthly and yearly subscription. 

What happens if I cancel my monthly subscription?

If you cancel your monthly subscription you will not have access to using our platform.

Can I transfer my domain to another company?

Yes, you can. Please support a ticket to have your domain transfer

What is the catch?

There are no catch to our service. You have the ability to cancel your monthly service and yearly service. There are no restriction to using our platform. Our goal is to make Elite a onestop company for all things web design.

Hire a Web Designer?

If you are in need of web designer to build your website. We also offer web design packages to suit your needs.

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